Oh Hey. It’s Me.

The year started off with a bang. I had a big goal and I achieved it. After my trip to the Philippines, everything got a bit, let’s just say, weird. The trip was unforgettable for sure. I hit a snag on the blog side and have been unable to post anything in the past few months. Work has been very busy and I have made every excuse to not get back on here.

I have been shooting, but I don’t think I am making the progress that I wanted, well at least on my social media and marketing. So to solve that, I booked myself solid until the end of the year to keep practicing. I learned that instead of complaining and whining, it is better to figure out the problem and try to find a solution. Be proactive. I still get insecure about my work, but I think it is only natural because we are always our worst critic. I still have a long way to go.

I need to do more research, shoot more, practice more on my camera, and trust myself more. YouTube right now is doing it for me. Photo editing is a challenge. I see other people’s work and I am amazed. I need to learn to do this myself and I still have to discover what my “style” is going to be. Here are a few that I hired Bianca Carosio (–> she is crazy talented!) to edit for me:



To keep me accountable, I am assigning myself one post every week like I used to. I have a few projects lined up, which is great. I am excited to get back on this. Thanks for reading.


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