Keep Learning, Keep Growing

There is just so much to see and learn in this world! When I went on vacation in the Philippines, I made sure that time to learn something new. I learned how to use Lightroom (thank you, Vince) and I learned how to use off-camera lighting (thank you, Laya). It was just so exciting to have a productive stay while on vacation.

Darrell had shown me his articles and I knew I had to meet him and learn from this guy! Here are a few shots that I took at the workshop with Laya. Tell me what you think. :)

– makeup by model

– light painting by Joepi

– lighting guided by Laya

– photography by me



  1. darrellrforbes

    Joey…these photos are INCREDIBLE!! You HAVE the eye AND talent to become a GREAT photographer! I’ve told you this from day one. All I can say is, “Keep Shooting!” I LOVE seeing your work!

    • joeyhl

      thank you, darrell!!! it was an info-filled day and I don’t know if I remember well enough and if I can do it alone. But with friends like you, who are willing to teach and reteach me, I am lucky! LOL

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