Keep Learning, Keep Growing — Part II

You just cannot ever know it all. I have been doing makeup for a while. I have read books, I have watched YouTube videos, I have browsed through magazines, and I have scoured photos on Instagram. When I had the opportunity to meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Renny Vasquez, ooohh boy, was I determined to get there early and be seated in front of the class. That was a treat!!! It was amazing learning from this talented person up close! It was an intimate setting and I was able to witness his magic. I was so inspired after that I just needed to book shoots immediately afterwards. I just wanted to get my hands dirty and just practice immediately.

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Apart from his talent, it was his spirit that moved me so much. He said everything that I believed in and just needed reinforcement. He was humble and down to earth. He related his story about how he started and his rise to where he is now. I was in awe. I need to meet more people like that in my life.    Renny displayed great work but even better work ethic.


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