Progress Report

It has been a couple of months since my “freedom” and I think it is always a good idea to look back, reflect, and evaluate.

BLOG: Since, February, I have been hitting this blog consistently and I have been putting aside time to write and post. My blog has taken a different direction since I started it years ago. At first, my goal was just to share my thoughts on anything I didn’t want to post on Facebook. It shifted towards talking about my goals in health, career, relationships, and even my finances. I have made it my it’s-not-just-a-beauty-blog beauty blog. I focused on the inner beauty of women (and men), not just their physical appearance. I choose my “makeovers” with people who have inspired me and whom I believe have a story from which we can all take a lesson from.

MAKEUP: I am so happy that I picked up the brush again. When I started out 14 years ago, all I did was practice on myself, then take pictures (using film, mind you), and wait for prints with fingers crossed. Now I get to take pictures of others after I do their makeup and see instant results. I have been getting various bookings and repeat clients, which I am grateful for everyday. The referrals I have been getting are more than what I asked for. I am so blessed and I cannot believe that I am given this chance to do what I love. Oh, and I just recently signed up for a pro-account at stores where I can get discounts for my supplies. Discounts are always welcome. Why not?!

PHOTOGRAPHY: I am slowly booking jobs for this second love. I cannot believe I am doing it! I always doubted myself. I still question myself sometimes… until I upload and see my pictures on my computer. I take so many pictures, and then when I see that one shot, I think to myself, “daaammmnn, I took that one!!!” My Mikey recently invested in me and got me my very first full-frame camera. I am still reading the manual and slowly learning its features. I cannot wait to master it! I have a few events and shoots lined up, which will help me get there. I get butterflies just thinking about it! :)

TEACHING: My students recently tested for their district benchmark exam and 72% are advanced and proficient. WHaaaattt? I am on a roll! I have to say that after ten years of teaching, this has been my best one. Is it the kids? Is it the new curriculum? Or is it my attitude towards it? Hmmm…

FAMILY: We are growing together. We are supporting each other, celebrating each other’s successes, and helping each other handle our problems. We are far from perfect, but we are doing our best to improve everyday.

ETC.: Finances are intact. Investments are being made. Relationships are being built and rebuilt. I have been helping a few friends towards their own freedom from all over the world and it feels great that I was able to inspire.



I am not where I want to be YET, but I am definitely heading in the right direction. I have so many things to learn, so many skills to hone, but I am definitely happy that I am proactive about it and not sitting back, regretting each day that I watch go by.



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