Grooming Men

I have a 14-year old son that I groom to become a good man. I give him advice, anecdotes, and I share my experiences with him. He can take bits and pieces from what I give him, but ultimately, he will make his own choices and be his own person. I have friends who have problems with their spouses or significant others. They seek help, I listen, and I sometimes give advice of what I think they should do, but again, they will make their own choices and do what they feel is right for them. We all have our own personal problems and we have the tendency to nag the people around us and tell them to do things our way, but truth of the matter is they probably don’t really want to hear it. We have bosses that we complain about, coworkers that we think suck, people that we think should change, but who are we to judge, they are who they are and they will continue doing what they want.
I used to be so controlling (used to be? shut your face), but I have come to terms with the fact that you cannot control other people. You can only control yourself. You can only aim to improve yourself and stop whining about everyone else around you. You cannot do anything about it. N constantly reminds me to do just that. He doesn’t put blame on others. He doesn’t point fingers. When people told him that he wasn’t good enough, he didn’t focus on being bitter and instead, worked on becoming better. He is an example of person who will continue to succeed because he doesn’t let his pride get in his way.
It was so great working with N. I see him frequently at the gym because I take his Les Mills Body Combat class. He models and does a lot of photo shoots for various products. I was honored to take a few of his headshots for this project. In all the years I have done makeup, grooming men is the easiest. You just need to moisturize, even out the skin tone, do not use too much product, and voila! You’re done.
Here are the products I used:
1. I started with a light concealer (Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in Peach).
        – Since he has great skin, I just used a little bit under his eyes.
2. For spot correction, you can a concealer and blend on the spots that need a little more coverage. I use Chanel Correcteur Perfection  #30.
3. I used a Light Mineral Bronzer to add a little “sun” from Mac.
4. Lastly, any lip balm will do. I am currently using EOS myself.
** You can click on the links to the products.


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