What Makes a Woman Beautiful?

You know how when you are in such a great mood, everything seems to work out for you the whole day? What about when you’re having a bad day, nothing just seems to go right? We have read about it. We have heard about it.  We might call it “the positive energy”, “aura”, Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” or maybe the “law of attraction”.

Deidre is one of my coteachers, whom I can call one of my friends now, and she always had that contagious effect on people when she enters the room. She is just a happy person that doesn’t let anything phase her. Her life is not perfect, but the way she just deals with people is something that everyone should learn from. When her students say unpleasant things, she makes it a teachable moment, instead of getting upset that they said something insulting. When someone isn’t being nice to her, she doesn’t engage and she just keeps on trucking. She stays away from negativity and she always minds her own business. You cannot please everyone. You cannot control what other people think or say about you. You can only choose what you surround yourself with. She chooses people who can help her improve and not bring her down.

So what makes a woman beautiful? Is it her eyes? Is it her body? Is it the makeup and clothes? No. One of the things that makes a woman beautiful is her attitude. A positive attitude can change the world.

On Saturday, I was lucky to be able to “play” with Deidre. She just sat there and allowed me to do my thing. I usually do not let my clients look at the mirror while I am working until the very end. One thing I remember her saying was that she is the same age as Halle Berry and Janet Jackson, so she better stay on top of her game.

After doing her makeup (her hairstylist did such an awesome job that day, by the way), she got to see herself and she couldn’t stop saying, “woooowww…. I am so beautiful.”

She said she was always a superstar, nobody just wanted to believe her. LOL

She IS a superstar in my book.

Deidre 020814-001

At this point, you can see that she has a spunky personality. We then added fake lashes, since she said she would go big or go home. :p

Deidre 020814

Products in the order they were used:

  1. Bobbi Brown (4.5) Skin Foundation
  2. YSL Powder (3)
  3. Bobbi Brown Loose Powder for undereye in Pale Yellow
  4. Shiseido Eyebrow Powder
  5. Eyeshadows from Mac: bright shimmery yellow, moss green, matte dark brown, black with small glitters (forgive me, I do not have the exact names)
  6. Chanel Liquid eyeliner
  7. Black mascara
  8. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder to contour
  9. Mac Blush in Dame
  10. Shimmer Brick to highlight
  11. Mac lipliner in a dark plum color
  12. Stila Mocha colored lipgloss


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