Let’s Get to The Bottom of Things

Makeup is expensive. Be honest. When you go to the department store, do you try out the new products that came out and you just wanna buy it all? Do you justify your purchase of a new lipstick or eyeshadow because you don’t have that same shade? Do you tell yourself it’s ok to buy it because you sweeeeaaarrr you’ll use it all the time? When you go to your makeup bag or kit or box or closet or room, do you have a collection of lipsticks that are similar but not quite exactly the same? Have you forgotten about some of the items that you have bought before? Do you get to the bottom of your tube or pot???

I guarantee you have a collection of makeup that you don’t even all use.

You are a makeup hoarder. Admit it.

I used to be one. I wanted to have the newest, the best, the most popular, the most expensive makeup so that my kit can look really faaaanncccy… Alright, maybe you’re not as bad as I was. (hmmm… maybe we should talk about your shoes… or your clothes… purses?)

Ok, so if you have been following my blog (which I admit, I do not update as often as I want to), then you know my mission to be debt-free. BTdubs, I am only four more months away from being FREE! Anyway, I have cut down on going out to eat and shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, and makeup. Yes, I am on a budget diet. (As others would say, “it’s not a diet! It’s a change in lifestyle!”) Today, I went to the mall to try  to buy something for myself because I was out of foundation for myself. I wanted a gift with purchase so I went to Nordstroms, but it was closed so I went to Sephora.


^^CHALLENGE: Can you control yourself and not buy a new one until you get to the bottom of your bottle/pot/tube?

Sephora has teamed up with Pantone to get your color match. I suggest that every woman who uses foundation and has a Sephora nearby do this. It was so awesome. They take off your makeup, so don’t go when you are just heading out to a party. Do it at the end of your day and you know you’re going home. They use this small device to take a picture of your skin on your forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck. After a few seconds, they input a number into their system and you will find a list of foundations that are perfect for you. When they did mine, I had 27 perfect matches!

You can choose the formula you want (matte, natural, radiant, etc.) and you can choose the brands you use. Basically, you can narrow it down to whatever formula, finish, and/or brand that work for you. The best part is they can email the list to you so you can go home and do more research on the products that match your skin tone.


Today, I was particularly interested in trying a BB Cream because I have never tried it before and also trying any other formula that I have not tried before. I saw the Bobbi Brown BB Cream on my list and Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup (damn, that’s a mouthful).


Back in the day, I would ask the sales associates to put it on me, then I would let it sit on my skin, I would go outside where there is natural light, and then check if it was a good match. Nowadays, stores are more generous with handing out samples for  you to take and try at home.


There is no shame in my saving game. I will try out the formula first, and then purchase it when I am sure that it works for me, instead of buying it and then wasting it because I ended up not using it.

If you do it, let me know how it went for you! I want to know which products worked well for you, too!


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