Confidence and Makeup

A week ago, I went to Georgia with a few high school friends. We all went to high school in the Philippines and we have known each other for 20 years now. Our class of ’97 is quite big and a few of us have landed in the States. The five of us were classmates and we kept in touch through the years. It was really nice to see friends and catch up.


Marriages, anniversaries, kids, residencies, and doctorates. I never thought of these things 20 years ago. I wish more of our friends could have made it, but I have to say that this was one of my best trips by far.

We planned out our trip on google docs (nerd? yes, indeed.) and updated each other frequently. One morning, we decided to go walk around Savannah in our workout clothes. We were carefree and silly. It reminded me of my last post about women and self-image. These are very confident women. :) We talked, laughed, ate, worked out, sang, and danced. We also learned that in the clubs, they like to “torque it.” It was quite an awakening that we should just go to lounges and coffee shops.



Naturally, I got asked to teach them about hair and makeup. I find it very fulfilling when I see my friends and family that I taught posting their photos on Facebook and I see that they have improved and developed their own style. It tells me that I was able to help them find a way to make them more confident with a few brushstrokes. As we get older, we get more confident as our insecurities from childhood shed away. We find that we are more comfortable in our own skin. I am not a hair stylist and I can only teach styles that I wear myself.





In my opinion, you should only put on what makes you feel comfortable. Just because some magazine or fashion website told you about some trend doesn’t mean that you have to do that, too. You can take a piece from the trend and modify it so that it best suits you. Remember, makeup application depends on your skin tone, skin type, face shape, features, and your level of comfort and expertise. Weather plays a huge part, too. Georgia was hecka humid when we were there. It was not time to put on a lot of product.

Confidence and MakeupAs you can see, I like to play up my eyes. I believe in the saying “the eyes are the window to the soul,” so I like to dress it up with really pretty curtains. :p In the picture above, I used a taupe eyeshadow as a base. I used a matte brown shadow to contour my eyes and added some gold in the middle of  my lids. I blended those in and lined with a black liquid eyeliner.  I lined the bottom of eyes with bright blue eyeshadow. I used a bronzer, a little blush, and my new favorite product that I wore in most photos: Joy’s birthday present Tarte lip pencil in Hope (thanks, Joy!) It leaves my lips moisturized and it has a little minty feeling. It looks very natural and it is very easy to use. Plus: it makes my teeth look even whiter.

For the ladies who are just starting to put on makeup, start with some mascara and some lip tint. Build up towards wearing some tinted moisturizer or mineral powder to even out your skin tone. Then when you feel like you can do more, add some blush. You can add one color eyeshadow to begin with and then later maybe some eyeliner. If you need more coverage, then go for some water-based foundation and finish with powder.

Little by little. Step by step. Step away from the mirror once in a while to see how you look and add color bit by bit. It is easier to add color than to remove excess makeup. Have fun and smile! :)



  1. Lauren Bair

    I love that you got to spend some time with these ladies you’ve known for so long! And what a cool thing that you got to share something you’re so good at. I’m inspired. My eyelids is gonna be GOLD tonite. XO

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