Women and Self-Image

When was the last time you left the house without putting on makeup and just tying your back and felt good about it? Do you threaten people when they post your picture on Facebook on your bad hair day? Can you leave the house looking plain without worrying that someone might see you?

It took so long for me to learn to love myself. I remember an interview with Kate Winslet several years after Titanic. She was talking about how she didn’t like her nose when she was younger, but she grew into it and liked it when she got older. I remember when my mother would pinch my nose and “joke” about getting me a nose job. That always made me feel insecure. She had a beautiful mestiza nose. I got my father’s nose, the round and not-so-nice Filipino nose. We used to be judged by how nice the bridge of our noses were. I was just regular.

When I was watching the Dove commercial, I cried a little bit because I don’t really enjoy looking at myself in the mirror, which is funny because I’m always in front of it. If their statistic is true, it is saddening that only 4% of women around the world think they are beautiful. We go to the gym, go on crazy diets, spend so much money on clothes and products, and put our bodies through so many intense changes to achieve our idea of “beautiful.” After all of it, we still don’t see it. We don’t see what others see in us.

Are we just trying to be humble by putting ourselves down or is it self-loathing? I agree that we are our own worst critic. We tend to see things that nobody else even pays attention to. We put so much effort into making sure that other people think we look good. Have we forgotten to make ourselves feel good?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Instead of looking at the things that you wish weren’t there, what do you see that you like? What feature do you like the best? What gets you the most compliments? What makes you feel good about yourself? What are you proud of?

You are woman. You are beautiful. 

HOMEWORK: Compliment someone and make someone’s day. Just like this boy did. :)



    • joeyhl

      Thanks, Maria. :) Being a mother is an everyday struggle and finding the time to appreciate yourself is very important. Take time to see how beautiful you are and what a great job you have done for your family.

  1. Lauren Bair

    I love this post. What a lovely reminder to get out of our heads and live our beautiful lives. And to turn off the little voice that is constantly telling us we’re not enough. Our time here is so short. Let’s start falling in love with all of it. XOXO

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