Changing My Spending Habits So I Can be Free

I have not been very efficient with the blogging in the past few months, I admit. I have been very busy doing a few new things and I am very excited that it has been yielding great results. In November, I attended a conference that was suggested to me by a couple of good friends. The speaker is Dani Johnson. She is a very passionate woman. She talked about business, relationships, improving your communication skills, getting out of debt, and a whole lot of other things.

My life has been soooo different since.

I have learned how to budget, how to succeed at work, and how to improve my relationships. Man, I have been so stress-free (fine, less stressed) and happier since. Work is awesome. My son is growing up to be a young man. (Side note: He finally got his first kiss last week… and he told me about it! It makes me so happy that he feels like he can be open about it with me.)

I am actually excited to pay my bills. Living in America, credit cards and payment plans have been made so normal that I didn’t realize I was in debt. I didn’t think my car loan and my student loan were debt because I got so used to paying for them every month. If you are struggling with debt, which I know a lot of Americans are, please get War on Debt. It will change your life.

I am teaching my son about finances. In fact, I took my whole family last January to the same conference in Texas so they can experience what I learned in November. They have been so supportive and I can see the whole dynamic of my family changing since. We are working as a unit and everyone is very, shall I say, reformed? (If you are curious and would like to go, she’s having another conference in May in Orlando. Check out her website for more information.)

Anyway, during one of my makeup sessions, while having our wine, cheese, and crackers, I showed my friend Wendy the video and she is now joining me on this “War on Debt.” She and I are holding each other accountable. We are logging our expenses, keeping track of what is unnecessary, making spreadsheets, plans of action, and all other things.


[Above, Wendy and I were playing around with some cat eye.

I like using earth tones. Natural colors are  just beautiful on a woman. A friend of mine reminded me last night that women are more beautiful without makeup. I totally agree. That’s why when I put makeup on women, I try not to “cover” up their face. I like to emphasize their features instead.]


Forgive me for not editing photos. These images are straight from the camera, no Photoshop. If you see teeny mistakes, eh, it’s just natural. :)

If I do this right, in May 2014, I will have paid off $16000++ in loans, will have my savings back in the bank, financed my travels (things I always made excuses for not doing because “I don’t have enough money”), and I will be making investments that I have always been afraid of making.  

We’ll see. I am in my third month: I have paid off approximately $3000 of my loans and financed my trips to Texas and New York, and am looking for smart investments to make. I am feeling pretty darn good.

Would you like to join me? Let me know. :)

Another interesting read: The Currency of Pad Thai. (Thank you, D!)  Check it out.



  1. darrellrforbes

    Great post, Joey! Nothing like being debt free! Just keep going at it and you WILL make it! As a photographer (somewhat), I CAN say that you have great makeup skills! Your model is beautiful as well! :-)

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