Make A Positive Change

I am in such an awesome mood today… I slept at 9pm last night and woke up at 12mn thinking… thinking… thinking… Instead of counting sheep, I helped my friend, Darrell, set up his blog. He has amazing photos and I was lucky enough to be a subject for one day when he got his new camera. Check out his website! He is so lucky to have been able to travel around the world and see so much beauty. I feel blessed that I can see part of that beauty through his photos.

With no sleep at all, I went to work at 7:50am. I was dropping off my son and I thanked him for being such an awesome partner because with his help, we were able to save $500 this month. He policed me on my spending and he has been very supportive.

On my way to work, my friend, Janet, was asking me for help with how to talk to her escrow lady. I was flattered because she felt like my communication skills would be very helpful. I just learned these skills a month ago and she has seen a big change in my relationships with the people at work. I thought about it and she was right! I have been coming to work happy!!!

I walked into work like a bag lady. With my computer bag, my gym bag, and my lunch bag at hand, I went toΒ inspire a few people to make a lifestyle change just by showing them my own progress. Ladies and gentlemen, I have lost 22 pounds since August. I feel great! Four of my coworkers are now going to join me and four others to make healthier choices. We are getting a bigger support group at work and it’s awesome because these are people that I don’t even regularly socialize with.

I was talking to one of my favorite trainers, Agostina, yesterday. I told her that I have been following the meal plan she gave me but the last 8 pounds have been very slow. She will help me tweak my meals to help me with the last leg. She even gave me a high five for losing a pound over Thanksgiving. Oooh, that high five felt so good! I worked so hard!

This entry sounds like I’m babbling, but I just wanted to share that if you make positive changes in your life, you will see positive results. I have just been blessed to be surrounded with awesome people. You know who you are. Thank you. :)



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