Sunday Funday

I hear it too often, but it is true. YOLO. I wanna do so many things. I wanna go to so many places and discover so many things… but with these gas prices going up so high this weekend, I decided to stay local and go to downtown LA and the Beverly Center for the Columbus Day Sale at Macy’s for an early Christmas shopping. Lol. Christmas merchandise is already out there, which means that the year is almost over!!! It’s crazy. My friend Nina and I agree that this was a good year for both of us. I like that. Was it a good year for you?


Sketch 2012-10-06 23_35_59




  1. joanna

    this year was interesting … but living in Europe and in particular Greece? with all the problems we’ve got? maybe I’ll hop on that Bora Bora plane with you !!

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