Looking Good, Feeling Good

Birds flying high

You know how I feel

Sun in the sky

You know how I feel

Breeze drifting on by

You know how I feel

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life

and I’m feeling good

People think I have an obsession with makeup. Yes, the art is fun… The brushes, the textures, the colors… but what I really enjoy is that first look on a girl’s face when she sees herself in the mirror. I just love that look when someone feels beautiful. There’s just something amazing about a woman who is confident and feels good about the way she looks.

About two months ago, I decided to change my lifestyle. I have been a gym rat for about three years now (something I never thought I would ever be when I was younger). My weight has yoyo-ed most of my life and two months ago, I weighed myself and saw that I was a pound and a half away from my weight right before I gave birth to my thirteen year-old. It was unacceptable.

It was time for a change. I downloaded myfitnesspal on my phone, started counting my calories, purchased a Fitbit to see my activity, consulted with my gym instructors, and followed the meal plan provided by one of my favorite trainers, Agostina. Since August 7, I have lost 16 pounds and I have never felt better. 

My goal is to be down to 140 pounds. I got pregnant at the age 17 and I was 136 at my lightest. I’d like to be fit, healthy, but most of all, I want to look in the mirror and be able to stay in front of it long enough and not want to turn away.

Almost there. Just 14 more pounds. Maybe I’ll get that space in between my legs after all.


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