Concealer. You know you want one.

I am loving Chanel’s concealer ($40). I have been looking for a concealer for a while now and I remember back in the day when I used Lancome’s Maquicomplet ($29.50). I liked the consistency. I don’t really know why I stopped using it but since then, I have tried tons of concealer… a lot of them tend to cake, collect, and/or look weird. I think at some point, I just gave up and stopped using it altogether. But Chanel… Oh Chanel… It is so light. It doesn’t crease (well, a little… but it does not cake!) You can easily dab it to retouch throughout the day. It does not dry my under eye either.

To apply concealer, I use my middle finger or ring finger to dab it under my eye. I get lazy, too. I should use a concealer brush to put it in the inner part of my under eye and spread it out gently. But honestly, I’m usually in a rush and I’d rather not have another brush to clean. Apply a few dots of concealer and DAB it to blend. Do not swipe your finger to spread it because you’re just wiping it off at the same time. You will have more concealer deposited on the outside of your under eye than you should.

The idea of using concealer is to lessen the look of puffiness or the darkness/discoloration under your eye. Use a shade lighter than your foundation. Just a tad bit lighter.  It should still look natural. You are not trying to look like a reverse panda. Lightly set with powder. Too much powder will make it crease. You don’t want that.

Apply foundation – conceal – set with powder. Do the rest of your face.

Btw, this photo was taken thirteen hours after applying makeup. No other digital editing other than cropping. ;)



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