Lip Colors That Make Your Teeth Whiter

Three years of braces and I cannot stop myself from showing my big pearly whites… Problem is they’re not so pearly white…   > damn coffee stains <

Because my teeth are already eye catching, I don’t want people to notice that they are not so perfect, so I rarely put lipstick on myself. I know, weird, right? We are always our own worst critiques. You see things that no one else sees. This takes me to our topic today: lipsticks that can make your teeth look whiter. *griiiiiiinn* :D

I notice that there are some lipsticks that are just not flattering on me… but there are also shades that make my teeth just fantabulous!  It is unfortunate that this spring, the in color is coral. A lot of the orange lip colors make my teeth orange. You can compromise and find a shade that’s not too orange. You can also use a bright pink color for spring.

NOTE: Always try it on at the store. Don’t just buy them because they won’t look the same in the tube as they would on your lips. Sanitize. If it is a lipstick, have them dip in alcohol or scrape off the top. If it is a lipgloss, use a different wand. Hope that the original wand was cut off. You don’t know who else has been using those… 


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