Just Because It’s Fake Doesn’t Mean It’s Bad…

Fake boobs, fake noses, plastic surgery, tummy tucks, Botox, etc.

Yes, I live in Hollywood.

Just because it’s fake doesn’t mean it’s bad… Let me tell you about false eyelashes. I grew up in a time when fake lashes were only for beauty pageant contestants or drag queens. Yes, it kinda sounds backwards. I think at the time, we just didn’t have enough options that made them look natural. But now, we have so many shapes, thickness, colors, types of hair, and others to choose from! Some use fur or feathers, some are big, some can be individual lashes, some are more discreet. It all really just depends on what look you’re trying to achieve.

  • Choose a soft and “bendy” set. You can mold the lashes onto your lid more easily if it’s not stiff.
  • Toss the lash glue that comes with it. They’re horrible. I use Duo. Invest.
  • Measure the lashes and cut accordingly before you stick them on.
  • Apply the glue. Don’t use too much.
  • Wait until the lash glue is tacky before you put them on.
  • Don’t be scurred. Put them on! (I’m so excited for you…)
  • Cut a Q-Tip and use the plastic end to fill in gaps if you need more glue.

I personally apply lashes only for special occasions, but when I do, they can be really fun! I apply mascara before I put my lashes in so I can reuse my lashes! Don’t be afraid to try different things.Β 

Another thing: just because they’re fake doesn’t mean they need to be obvious! They’re meant to enhance your eyes. When people look at you, they should wonder what’s different about you. Don’t choose a set of lashes that screams fake.

Oooh! And another thing: I cut my full lashes into half sometimes. Stick them about a eighth of an inch away from the outer end of eyes. If I don’t tell people that I’m wearing them, they can’t even tell.


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