My Brows are So… On Point!

I used to be so afraid of drawing in my eyebrows. I thought that if I did, I would look like my mother with her tatted in eyebrows. ;p I didn’t want to look… as we call it in the Philippines, matronic. When I started doing makeup on other people eleven years ago, I was not too fond of filling them in because I was not confident enough to do them. As with everything else, practice helps.

With my barely there eyebrows, I start by using light strokes with a brown eyebrow pencil to fill them in. I shape them based on how I feel. (I remember doodling eyebrows with my girl friend in high school…) After using the lighter color, I use a slightly darker color to draw a thin line at the bottom of my eyebrows. This way, when I use my mascara wand to soften the edges, my eyebrows look more defined, the colors are blended in, and my arch looks a little higher.

I meant to write *Use a darker pencil… Yeah yeah… I write my notes funny.

After doing this, you may add a little bit of a shimmery product right under your brows to define it ย even more. You may also use a concealer or a bone colored shadow if you prefer. Just don’t overdo it so you don’t ย look like the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.


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