Go Home and Get Pretty

My brother is here in CA for a business trip and I am so happy that he’s here. Of all my brothers, he is my favorite one. I only have one brother. We haven’t seen each other since April of last year. We had a family reunion of some sort when he renewed his vows with his wife after ten years of marriage. That was an awesome weekend.Β Image

Family’s always great to have around. Anyway, we have guests from his work and they were talking about the makeup industry in the Philippines and they showed me the work of the famous artists out there, and I was thinking like, “I can do that!”

So here’s a thought, what if I go home to the Philippines for my vacations and do makeup for a living while I’m out there? It sounds really fun and I think it would really make me happy… I know I’d do a good job out there. I’d get to see my good friends again. I’d get to do what I absolutely love. I won’t be wasting time since I’d be working. I’m just saying… Just a thought…


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