I Want That Space Between Her Legs

I just recently enrolled at Pop Physique with my girl friend Em and I am hoping that this month, my body will improve somehow. I want that space between her legs. Alright, I guess that will never happen.

I enrolled at the new studio in Los Angeles on 3rd Street and Fairfax. It was cool. We did little movements that you wouldn’t think were difficult, but man, I did a bunch of them and my abs were hurting (I know I have them under all of this somewhere…) We did small hand weights and a lot of bar exercises. It is a mix of dance and yoga. I have to go to my second session today to really understand what we’re doing there.

I am not brave enough to post my before and after pictures. I have been working out for a while now but because, honestly, I do not eat right, which is 80% of what you need to do to notice a change in your body, I could barely see a difference. Heck, just thinking about it makes me want to have a big chocolate malt. Plus, since I reduced gym hours in November due to a knee injury, my weight has yo-yoed because of the holidays.

Who am I kidding? Who doesn’t want to look better?



Deep breath.

Let me do this then. Starting today, I am giving up my rice (again). Being Filipino, that just comprises most of my meals. I will plan my meals ahead and bring food to work. I will not “reward” myself with food when I do a good job at the gym. I will eat earlier and not eat before I go to bed. I will portion my food like I should. Any recipes I can follow? Any health and fitness websites I can check out?

Let’s see where this takes me. Good luck. God bless me.





  1. Ate Ni

    Not only should you portion your food, you should eat wisely. Try to eat organic food and raw food. Avoid fast food, processed foods, alcohol, and preservatives. Limit your pork, beef, sugar and salt intake. Always make a meal plan. SImplify and stick to it.

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