Video Shoot – Monica Olivera

Every time I get to do makeup, I say, “I was so lucky to have been given the opportunity to do this.” But seriously, I am just grateful.  Chris Crutchfield (very talented director!!!) called me to do her makeup for her video shoot and I HAD SO MUCH FUN. If all artists were like this, then I would only be so lucky to do what I love with humble people. The team was amazing. The vibe was just so light and happy. Everyone was working like it was family, just having fun. I wish I could do this everyday. I’d post photos, but I can’t just yet right now.

When the video comes out, I will keep you posted. But if you find time and you wanna listen to Monica, she is on Youtube. <– click to get to her channel. Follow her on twitter: @monbaby10

Her album will come out in January, I am so excited about that. I love the song we made the video for!!! I cannot wait to see this!


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