So guess what

I got sick yesterday… I don’t know what it is but I have been so sickly in the past couple of years. Kidney infections, migraines, food poisoning, flu, everything I can think of right now… My body is tired.

So I took the day off. (And I’m actually bedridden.)

I was watching everything online today. 2 Broke Girls. Big Bang Theory. How I Met Your Mother. All other shows on my Hulu queue. Plus the DVDs from Netflix that I haven’t seen: Sanctum and Barney’s Version. I don’t even know why I put those on my queue. I like the word queue. Write it enough and it will stop making sense.

I thought I just said yesterday that I have been relaxing. Ugh. Being sick sucks. Actually being sick on a sick day sucks even more. I could have been out shopping, drinking coffee, or working out. I have not worked out since last Thursday. Fatty. I have been home for 7 hours. I miss talking. I need to get out. NOW.


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