Finally, I am Relaxing…

My sister is right. I need to stay in more. Usually, if I find myself idle and doing nothing, I would feel like I’m doing something wrong. I would pack my days with so many things to do that I would not even have enough time to sleep at night. I get so tired that when I am driving, I would be nodding off and THAT IS NOT SAFE! They said I need to get checked for sleep apnea but I think I just don’t sleep enough.

Two weekends ago, I scheduled it so that i would be staying in most of the time. It. Was. Nice. It was different. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings, I went to the gym. Then for the rest of the day, I just did minor errands and actually slept in. I never get to sleep. My brother wants me to get checked for sleep apnea, but I think it’s justΒ lack of sleep because I think too much at night.

(i lost my train of thought here… I should finish and publish my posts as soon as I start them… See, this is how busy I get.)

Last weekend, I did a few Halloween events. That was cool. I have never dressed for Halloween in my entire life! E was so helpful in getting my outfit together on Saturday. Her husband R is a freaking champion. He stayed with us all day long. We shopped for hours. Not a peep. No complaints. He even gave fashion advice! What? He knew more about shopping than me.

So Saturday night came and we got ready… I felt so dirty, just putting on that outfit, but in the end, I had a blast.

pre-wig and outfit


I think I’m dressing up for Halloween again next year.


For the makeup, you can zoom in and see that I used liquid eyeliner and fake lashes. I contoured my lids and blended in the color. I also bronzer to contour my cheeks as well and a pop of pink to accentuate the apples of my cheeks. I used a highlighter for the area above my cheekbones. I used a pale pink lipgloss to finish the look. Enjoy. :) I used this picture as reference.


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