Flawless Wendy

Wendy is a trip. I met her at the gym and we always have so much fun working out. We have the best variety of people from the gym. I am so glad that these people are not snooty. They are so friendly and funny. We recently started hanging out after working out on Thursdays… which usually means feasting on a good meal.

Wendy is a talented pastry chef. I have bought a few cakes from her and I just love her white chocolate cake! Yum! To order cakes, click on the link. You will love her! <3

According to her, my brain was mush that day.

I went to her lovely home in Redondo Beach. I met her cute dog, Franklin, and her very nice husband, Dustin.

Franklin is a camwhore.

I was recovering from a bad cold that day. I have been medicated for 72 hours. That’s my excuse. LOL Anyway, having nice and flawless skin like Wendy’s makes it easy for me to apply her makeup (…and to hate her). She has been craving some red lips so we did that for her. She said that this look was inspired by this video. We used metallic gray and golden brown eyeshadow, mascara, apricot blush, and red lipstick.

I’d like to think it’s an updated version of it. ;)

Here was my favorite cake that she made, by the way… YUM!!!

White Chocolate Cake


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