The Need to Multi-Task

It’s Sunday and I felt the need to do more things today because yesterday was an epic fail.
The model didn’t show up and I was sooo ready to rock it. I waited for an hour with the photographer. No show. I need to get business cards. I stared at this for a while. Oh well, it

And then when I got home, the disappointment sank in. I ate some spaghetti that I cooked earlier that morning. I was thinking about how upset I was that I skipped gym in the morning because I needed to do my laundry and clean my place. If I had known that the girl wasn’t going to show up, I could have done all of that!Worked out, got ready for the shoot that didn’t happen, gone back home, cleaned my place, and done my laundry.

Well, anyway, I went home and slept at 830pm. There was just nothing else to do… and then, of course, I woke up at 2am and I stared at the ceiling for a good hour until I decided to watch some HIMYM because sleep just wasn’t happening. Well, at least not until 5am.
Today, I decided to have a light breakfast, get ready for the gym, work out, get the car cleaned, go to the grocery, and cook beef stroganoff… *deep breath* and it is only 1:30pm. I love it.

Just to share: I have cooked this dish a million times before. It is so easy and delish.
For today, I used 3 lbs of beef so that I can keep some at home and take the rest to movie night later. We are watching Spinal Tap. I have never seen it. I will later. ;)
You brown the beef in 6 oz. of butter (today, I used whipped butter because I forgot to get the plain one). Put the beef aside, add the onions (the whites in the green onions – 6 pcs and half of a yellow onion). Cook for a few minutes, put it aside. Add the flour (6T) and the beef consommรฉ (1.5 cans).

Stir everything together and add the mustard (1.5 teaspoons). Turn the heat low and then you wait an hour… which is what I am doing now. Oh no. That mustard doesn’t look right. Meanwhile, you get the mushroom ready (8 oz). I love cooking this dish because, let’s admit it, I get to drink the rest of the wine that I am not using to cook it!

Did I just put up a picture of the fire? Oh yes, I did. What a dork.
After an hour, you’ll add the mushroom, the sour cream 1/2 c, and the wine 1/2 c. Until then, I have a glass of wine to enjoy and Cedrick will have to eat spaghetti for lunch.
Serve over pasta or rice. I’m Asian. Guess which one I’m serving it with.

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