The Need to Multi-Task

It’s Sunday and I felt the need to do more things today because yesterday was an epic fail.
The model didn’t show up and I was sooo ready to rock it. I waited for an hour with the photographer. No show. I need to get business cards. I stared at this for a while. Oh well, it

And then when I got home, the disappointment sank in. I ate some spaghetti that I cooked earlier that morning. I was thinking about how upset I was that I skipped gym in the morning because I needed to do my laundry and clean my place. If I had known that the girl wasn’t going to show up, I could have done all of that!Worked out, got ready for the shoot that didn’t happen, gone back home, cleaned my place, and done my laundry.

Well, anyway, I went home and slept at 830pm. There was just nothing else to do… and then, of course, I woke up at 2am and I stared at the ceiling for a good hour until I decided to watch some HIMYM because sleep just wasn’t happening. Well, at least not until 5am.
Today, I decided to have a light breakfast, get ready for the gym, work out, get the car cleaned, go to the grocery, and cook beef stroganoff… *deep breath* and it is only 1:30pm. I love it.

Just to share: I have cooked this dish a million times before. It is so easy and delish.
For today, I used 3 lbs of beef so that I can keep some at home and take the rest to movie night later. We are watching Spinal Tap. I have never seen it. I will later. ;)
You brown the beef in 6 oz. of butter (today, I used whipped butter because I forgot to get the plain one). Put the beef aside, add the onions (the whites in the green onions – 6 pcs and half of a yellow onion). Cook for a few minutes, put it aside. Add the flour (6T) and the beef consommΓ© (1.5 cans).

Stir everything together and add the mustard (1.5 teaspoons). Turn the heat low and then you wait an hour… which is what I am doing now. Oh no. That mustard doesn’t look right. Meanwhile, you get the mushroom ready (8 oz). I love cooking this dish because, let’s admit it, I get to drink the rest of the wine that I am not using to cook it!

Did I just put up a picture of the fire? Oh yes, I did. What a dork.
After an hour, you’ll add the mushroom, the sour cream 1/2 c, and the wine 1/2 c. Until then, I have a glass of wine to enjoy and Cedrick will have to eat spaghetti for lunch.
Serve over pasta or rice. I’m Asian. Guess which one I’m serving it with.

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