I got a call…

Oh. My. God. I am so excited to share that today, I got a call to do a photo shoot for an agency model. She’s caucasian, kinda looks like Heidi Montag, pre-surgery and pre-Spencer. I was so nervous all day… so nervous and so ecstatic to be this blessed today. So in anticipation of tomorrow’s shoot, I went makeup shopping for a few key things in my kit: a light bronzer, a makeup brush cleaner, a few colors, and a new brush.
I called Emily today and she was more than happy to let me practice on her. She was gonna have dinner with the “sigos” tonight… What?! Sigos = significant other. America. I have so much to learn. She said she was kind of nervous about having dinner with the other wives so my timing could not have been better! Such a pretty face, there’s really not much I needed to do.

I went over to her lovely home and met her beautiful kitty cat.

I was kinda late because of the Friday rush hour traffic and the errands I had to run. So we had to rush and get her ready for the evening. We did a quick look and did her hair really fast. We moisturized, put on foundation and powder to set it. I used a light brown eyebrow pencil and filled in her brows. Lightly brushed them with a mascara wand. For her eyes, I used neutral brown colors: a light shimmery beige, a matte brown, and a shimmery black eyeshadow. I put some powder under her eyes to catch the shadow that might fall there while applying the colors. I swept it off after blending in the shadows. I lined her top lashes with black liner and swept her lashes with mascara. We put some under eye concealer afterwards to clean up the look.
I like putting the concealer on after the shadow because I find that if I put it on with the foundation, it gets a lot of powder deposits and the lines become visible.
For her cheeks, I used a little bit of bronzer and swept it in the shape of a number three. I put it on her temples, the hollow of her cheeks, and her jawbone. I also put some on her neck. Why not. On the apples of her cheeks, I put a shimmery peach blush. For her lips, I applied a light rosy beige color and topped it with a nude lipgloss.

This wasn’t even the look I was gonna do tomorrow. I just needed to feel confident touching someone’s face again. It felt so good and I had sooo much fun! I got a message from her when she was driving to her dinner thing. She said she hasn’t felt this beautiful since her wedding! :) Aaaww… I am so happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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