Let’s Go Somewhere

So my friend J had a dream the other day that we were somewhere European. Alright, I like that idea. I have never been to Europe. I said that in 2009 I was going to Spain with my friend L. Then I forgot about that plan. Ha!

Here are the plans that have not materialized: (I’d like to add the word YET)
There are so many places in the world that I have never been. OK, maybe if I say it out loud, it might actually happen… A couple of friends, A & F, want to go to Japan in 2013. A said she’d host my stay in Australia at the end of 2012. Another one might go to London in the summer, maybe I should invite myself to free accommodations. R from the gym is currently in France, renting an apartment, living like one of the locals. I’m so jealous.
S & J got married in Italy a few years ago. It was so lovely. Now THAT’s where I would like to go. I told J we should make her dream real and actually do it. We have to wait until she gets her passport… and until I have sold my kidneys for my airfare, hotel, and spending money. Anyone need one?
Back home, I see my friends and brother going from one country to another so many times in one year. I could barely go to Costa Mesa and Rancho Cucamonga. Trips take so much planning. So much money. How do you do it?
If money weren’t an issue, where would you go?

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