I miss it…

I miss doing makeup… I do enjoy making my family and friends look pretty A LOT. I love that feeling when they feel like a woman and they look at themselves in the mirror and they’re like, “damn, I look so beautiful.” I love it when they stay longer in front of the mirror and they smile more or when they take a whole bunch of pictures. It’s more than just the look itself, it’s the feeling that comes from being made over. I am so happy when I think back and all of the girls i made over at some point have changed something in their beauty regimen. I love it when I see someone after a long time and they have stuck with a look or have even gotten better after I taught them a thing or two. Oooh one more thing I loooovvveee: when they have a different strut after I make them over. They walk with a little bit of attitude. Oh yes, I love that. It brings me joy. :)

I chose not to post the before pictures. One, they will hate me. Two, they’re so hard to find. Three, I got tired of looking for pictures in my computer.

I can see how much better I have gotten through the years. I like that. :p (sooo not humble…) excuse me. Ha! It’s the one thing I really enjoy and I know I’m really good at. Sorry! So if you wanna get a girly session, you know who to call. :p

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