So rare.

My neighbor is so nice. I remember when I first moved in, my neighbor, Dino, brought two glasses of champagne that night. I didn’t know at the time how to accept the hospitality, so I stupidly declined and said thank you. I have lived here for two years now (at this apartment) and we see each other in the hallway and give each other our hi’s and hello’s. I gave him pasalubong from back home. Today he gave me cupcakes from a wedding yesterday. He baked these, he said. So nice. Now if only everyone in Los Angeles were this nice.

See, that’s the only reason why I love hiking on Saturday mornings. People in the hike trail are nice. They say hi. They say good morning and they sound like they actually mean it. If I saw the same people on the street, uhm mmm. I don’t think I would even get eye contact. lol

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