So… I have been here in America since 2003. A lot of things have happened. A lot of things have changed.

my zip code.
my accent.
my job.
my hair.

but a lot of things have remained, of course. i still love making people beautiful. i am still loud ~ just in another language. i still keep the same set of friends (even if we are thousands of miles away).

i am turning thirty this year. yes, the big 3 – 0. i wanted to do something. i wanted to do something i don’t normally do. i can’t skydive. someone in the news just died. i can’t run the marathon. i have bad knees and my lower back is just not strong enough (after the car accidents). so i will just start with something small. something simple. a blog. :)

what did you do on your thirtieth? give me some ideas.



  1. wershwie

    LESLIE: I got my own place!JO: (thought voice) Yeah, yeah… Been doing that since I was 23…LESLIE: I finally bought my own car!JO: (thought voice) Hohum…LESLIE: I learned a new language!JO: Ah! That's an idea! Hahaha… Then you can be loud in another language all over again! ;PWelcome to the world of blogging! ;P

  2. Katinka

    I was in the throes of labor. Hours 1-24 of a 36 hour labor to be exact. Hahaha! :D Best birthday gift ever in the end though. :)Blogging's immensely cathartic. This'll be good for you.Welcome!!! Can't wait to read more. :)

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