Seattle Wedding in June: Kevin + Cricket

I was in Seattle to do the makeup, hair, AND photography for the wedding. I would only do all three for someone I really cared about. Cricket and I have known each other since high school. I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew a few things would be compromised, so I asked for the assistance of a good friend of mine with the photography. I wish I could have taken more photos (wedding details and such) but I needed to make sure everyone looked on point! What do you think?


Appreciate Small Progresses – 2014 Year End Summary

I was learning more about photography last year and I was getting very comfortable with utilizing natural light. When I can get an assistant, I would add a reflector, but that was not much of a stretch. I was stuck. That was a reflection of a lot of things in my life. Towards the end of the year, I felt like I was in a rut. I felt like I needed new goals in different aspects in my life. After achieving a big accomplishment in the middle of the year (if you don’t follow my blog, I became debt free and i was able to take the whole family on a vacation to paradise) and a series of unfortunate events, I needed a new milestone.

In June, I attended photography and makeup workshops but other than that, I felt like there wasn’t very much visible results. They always say that little progress is still progress. Towards the end of the year, I was yearning to do more and to have more to show for it. I was able to book more jobs this year but I was so hard on myself because I knew it was not enough to do it full-time.

As I looked back into my photos and my journals, I had to appreciate the small steps I took then and what I am doing now to get to where I want to be. I invested in myself last year. I got out of my comfort zone and decided to book more shoots than ever. I bought lighting equipment that I am so excited to be learning how to use. I purchased and subscribed to tutorials for me to watch and learn from. I attended more workshops and consulted professionals to increase my business and to hone my skills. I am meeting more people and making more connections. My personal life is also fantastic. I rekindled old friendships and welcomed new friends.

I started out this entry by writing the title “Getting Too Comfortable May Not Be a Great Thing” but I am glad I reflected on my year and saw that it was not a bad one at all. No. Not at all. :) I think 2015 is off to a good start.

Oh Hey. It’s Me.

The year started off with a bang. I had a big goal and I achieved it. After my trip to the Philippines, everything got a bit, let’s just say, weird. The trip was unforgettable for sure. I hit a snag on the blog side and have been unable to post anything in the past few months. Work has been very busy and I have made every excuse to not get back on here.

I have been shooting, but I don’t think I am making the progress that I wanted, well at least on my social media and marketing. So to solve that, I booked myself solid until the end of the year to keep practicing. I learned that instead of complaining and whining, it is better to figure out the problem and try to find a solution. Be proactive. I still get insecure about my work, but I think it is only natural because we are always our worst critic. I still have a long way to go.

I need to do more research, shoot more, practice more on my camera, and trust myself more. YouTube right now is doing it for me. Photo editing is a challenge. I see other people’s work and I am amazed. I need to learn to do this myself and I still have to discover what my “style” is going to be. Here are a few that I hired Bianca Carosio (–> she is crazy talented!) to edit for me:



To keep me accountable, I am assigning myself one post every week like I used to. I have a few projects lined up, which is great. I am excited to get back on this. Thanks for reading.

Josh and Cindy – July 26, 2014

What an experience. I learned so much from taking photos for this lovely couple. It was my very first attempt at capturing a wedding as the official photographer and it was a lot of responsibility. I was a one woman team and I needed to make sure I captured as many as I can, very quickly and accurately.

Would I do it again? Yes. Would I do anything differently? Definitely. This experience allowed me to see what I can do to improve and that’s the whole point of everything in life right? Just do it and if you can, do better.

Here are some of the photos that I took. Thank you for stopping by to view them and feel free to tell me what you think. :)

Keep Learning, Keep Growing — Part II

You just cannot ever know it all. I have been doing makeup for a while. I have read books, I have watched YouTube videos, I have browsed through magazines, and I have scoured photos on Instagram. When I had the opportunity to meet Celebrity Makeup Artist Renny Vasquez, ooohh boy, was I determined to get there early and be seated in front of the class. That was a treat!!! It was amazing learning from this talented person up close! It was an intimate setting and I was able to witness his magic. I was so inspired after that I just needed to book shoots immediately afterwards. I just wanted to get my hands dirty and just practice immediately.

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Apart from his talent, it was his spirit that moved me so much. He said everything that I believed in and just needed reinforcement. He was humble and down to earth. He related his story about how he started and his rise to where he is now. I was in awe. I need to meet more people like that in my life.    Renny displayed great work but even better work ethic.

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

There is just so much to see and learn in this world! When I went on vacation in the Philippines, I made sure that time to learn something new. I learned how to use Lightroom (thank you, Vince) and I learned how to use off-camera lighting (thank you, Laya). It was just so exciting to have a productive stay while on vacation.

Darrell had shown me his articles and I knew I had to meet him and learn from this guy! Here are a few shots that I took at the workshop with Laya. Tell me what you think. :)

– makeup by model

– light painting by Joepi

– lighting guided by Laya

– photography by me